Technical Communications: Print/Electronic User Guide

First Class Flights Software Update User Guide

For Technical Communications I, we were given the assignment of creating a 5-10 page technical documentation product in our chosen genre to solve a real-life work or personal problem. In my everyday work, I create manuals for aircraft hardware and software, so my project seemed a no-brainer. Because I work with proprietary information, I had to create a fake aviation company and product, though.

For this assignment, I created a user guide for updating software on an aviation part already installed in an aircraft. This example shows how the company has sophisticated client support with minimal technician involvement in the update process. Our software also includes an automatic report of task completion once connected to our network.

After 15 years of making technical manuals, I’ve created a streamlined process to take documentation from cradle to grave, using style guides, reusable front and back matter, and cataloged easily editable and reusable content.