Expedition Planning and Design: Antarctica 2015

No water, no life. No blue, no green. – Sylvia Earle

As a resident of Guam, I noticed the effects of man-made global warming early in life. Beaches receded as surface temperatures rose. Coral reefs bleached in the sun and died. Rich marine and jungle life withered in the increasing heat. With and Magmadive Expeditions, I planned and designed an expedition to Antarctica to take high-quality underwater photography unlike any seen before on Antarctic benthic life in an effort to raise awareness about our connected ecosystems.

I coordinated reservations and scuba dive training schedules, as well as recreational and educational activities. I also scheduled and participated in media and community outreach leading up to and following the expedition, including talks with local area middle schools.

Utilizing the online fundraising service, we published a photo book about our expedition to Antarctica for and The proceeds of book sales were donated to organizations that support environmental advocacy, including Mission Blue.

I created custom avatars for Antarctica2015 Expedition social media accounts, garnering increased interest in multiple demographics and our crew shirt mirrored the minimalist design aesthetic of other expedition merchandise.