Branding: LekuBot

This project was for a Twitch tools creator. The company creates automation and interactivity tools for Twitch streamers and wanted a logo that had a “lighthearted focus on play” and “keeping with the theme of making things simpler and easier for streamers” while representing “the automation side that could apply to other tools too.” I also built a brand book to help the company prepare their logo for print or web.

The final logo encompasses all lekubot core values and goals with the happy, smiling bot with curved, gentle lines represent excellent customer experiences. The shape of the bot face represents a chat bubble, which references the origins of lekubot as automation tools for streamer chats. Finally, the game controller buttons complete the smiling face as a reference to some of the first gaming consoles.

The font is soft with rounded edges, further representing the lekubot commitment to creating tools that make life easier for streamers, so gamers and creators can focus on having fun.