Board Game: The Journey Home

I love, love, love tabletop games. From card games to RPGs, to board games, I love them all and am enthusiastic about playing games with whomever I meet.

While learning more about the island I was born and raised on, I decided to merge my two loves of play and learning by creating an educational board game. This idea quickly flourished into a series of board games:

  • The Journey Home: luck of the card draw and dice roll, simple game mechanics for preschool and kindergarten players
  • In the Village: exploring more advanced game mechanics to learn more about social sciences and economics, the second game in my series focuses on worker placement and resource management
  • Title TBD: the final game in my series will concentrate on higher strategy mechanics and using more advanced math by introducing ancient Pacific navigation techniques to a dynamic game board

Of all my projects, I’m most excited and proud of this one. I work on it every chance I get and look forward to sharing more as the adventures unfold.